Funeral Plans in Cheshire

Personalising your funeral

Funeral ideas: how to celebrate your life

Seeing as it is our final act on earth, wanting to have a say in your send-off is getting very common nowadays, with 42% of people surveyed in 2016 by funeral directors CPJ Field saying they wish to plan their own funeral.

5 ideas you can use to personalise your funeral
  1. The service: do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you want a religious, civil or humanist service? A sustainable coffin? It can be at a venue of your choice or even in your home, rather than a place of worship or burial.
  2. Decoration: You don’t just have to decorate with flowers. Many other items could be displayed that show what you loved and who you were, such as flags, football shirts, records, books and of course photographs.
  3. What to wear: Should everyone traditionally wear black? Or wear a different colour of your choosing? This can be specified by you.
  4. Have family meaningfully involved: Giving out roles to family and friends in advance can make the funeral more meaningful – you could ask someone to give a speech or perform.
  5. Write the eulogy yourself: This could be a goodbye note, a message to your loved ones showing off all that they loved about you. It gives you one last chance to say thank you to all the people important to you.
Music at your funeral

One strong way of personalising your funeral is with your own choice of music – it could be music played or sung live at your funeral ceremony, and the music played as you take your final bow.

Keep in mind the idea that life is to be celebrated – good song choices are ones that are related well to you and will make mourners smile. For example, instead of the popular choices like My Way or Time to Say Goodbye, why not go for Always Look on the Bright Side of Life?

Letting your loved ones know your funeral wishes

Write down your funeral wishes and make sure your loved ones know where they can find your plans.

Planning ahead your funeral costs

With an 8.3% increase on last year, funerals now cost roughly £8,802 if you include professional services, floral tributes, food and so on. Getting a pre-paid funeral plan well organised in advance will make it a bit easier for your loved ones when the time comes.


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